our history

Beginning in 1954 founder Harry B. Carroll first received his Registered Public Surveyors license and in 1970 opened Harry B. Carroll Surveyors.  His vision was to create a family legacy to pass down to future generations.  He worked with the Corps of Engineers to survey many of the local lakes and was heavily involved in the City of Garland, where he resided.  

James “Bart” Carroll, President of Carroll Consulting Group, Inc., worked and mentored under his father most of his life working towards getting his RPLS.  Bart obtained his license shortly after his father’s passing in 1995.  He has developed this legacy to now include consulting and engineering for several local entities.  

staff members

James ‘Bart’ Carroll
RPLS# 5129



Christi Phillips
SIT# 110843
Samuel B. Carroll
SIT# 110819